Guidelines & Advice

Some guidelines when submitting images:

Color Management

Color Management is very important when it comes to ensuring that your image looks perfect. We’re here to help. Here are some basic guidelines that we’ve found useful over the years:

Monitor – You need a good photographic quality monitor. The latest high-end units are capable of reproducing Adobe RGB which will give you better details with a fine art print. These are available from NEC and Eizo. Make sure that the monitor covers at least 100% of the sRGB color space. A cheap monitor is just that so buy smartly. Your monitor is the window to your color success. Ask if you are in doubt.

Calibration – It’s essential that you buy a calibration/profiling kit consisting of hardware and software. Your monitor needs to be set to certain standards based on icc guidelines. XRite and Datacolor make very reliable units. We prefer XRite based on years of proven color success. We will be happy to provide you with purchasing and setup guidance.

Work Area / Work Room – A lot of people don’t think that their actual working environment is essential, but we’ve found that it’s very important and critical to successful file preparation. Monitor should be in subdued light and the brightest part of the room. Allow a half hour for warmup. If you can work in an evenly lit room with no windows you will have better results. The walls should be neutral. We recommend a monitor hood to cut down on extraneous light. Finally remember that you are dealing with daylight color temperatures so you need a dependable viewing light to compare screen to print results. You can purchase or build a unit or use a tasklamp. We rely on a Solux Task Light which is one of the few lights capable of accurate daylight rendering. Museums and art galleries all are familiar with Solux . In addition to Task lamps they offer many real daylight lighting solutions.

Soft Proofing – We’ve created custom paper profiles based on our printers, paper and inks. You can install them in your profiles folder on your computer and view the file you are submitting to get a great idea as to what your image will look like. This is a great tool and we will be happy to assist you with this part of your workflow.

Setup Print – To assist you with your monitor setup, we can provide you with a test file and a print. This will allow you better control of your workflow.